Why appreciation?

Life is very interesting and should be inspiring. First inning of my life 21 was in interesting studentship, second inning is in challenging teaching profession. I want to make my third inning more creative more planned more dedicated to the society using my learnings. I am of the view that growth is life, alone person like me can not make solid changes whichever are utter important. Action matter a lot for me . In 2000 as I passed my NET examination I am keenly observing society and socialist. I am gifted by ample of imminent personalities as my mentors, relatives, friends, colleagues , students. When I visited a place Somnath in Chandrapur district for a socio-quotient development summer camp organized by great social reformer Amte family. After seeing the actual work by Baba Amte and his family, Vikas Amte and his family, Prakash Amte and his family my eyes opened. And I realized how big task one can perform always it is less. One should not carry ego about the services rendered because Baba Amte rightly directed that ‘Whoever one may be whatever may be achievement behind that achievement thousands of hands, brains, persons do remain.’ Many of them may be unknowing to us but their contribution matters.

From my website you might have understood the task which is opted, did and want to do . I am of the view that whatever my talent is it is to be availed freely. I made to serve the people. While doing all these things money matters. Strictly I feel if one could not offer a money it doesn’t mean I should not help a person. Money should not be the barrier for my service giving. and only because someone pays money to me I should help only to that person is against my wish. 

If you humbly feel whatever I am doing is a good task and you want to support my cause, your contribution in terms of money as a token of appreciation is very very important. Let us work together, To bring world together.

Your contribution of any amount will boost me a lot.

Satyamev Jayate !