Youth is a important part of any nation. World sees Bharat as young Bharat. It is a need of time to nurture and grow the abilities of youth. Really youth is a pillars for nation. I am sure youth can work for youth to remove the issue of unemployment. Poverty is a concern throughout the world. Dedicated local transparent, honest entrepreneurship is solution for it. Form my past experience i noted ample of qualities in youth. It is a need to guide, motivate, direct and to handhold youths in regard to entrepreneurship. I want to make use of my learnings for this cause. 

Action Plan

Through my college co-curricular activities i am guiding current selective students of the college. At present as activities of entrepreneurship cell of the college we are with a team of few enthusiasts. Focus is on personality development including soft skills. Later on dedicated workshop for those regular students to help their start-ups will be conducted. I am planning to guide other aspiring entrepreneur in the locality and out. i am here to encourage and to help to the needy.