Learn to learn

Certainly I am not of the view that only memorization is the learning. Learning is a big big world. For me its fundamental vital part of the life. I am not going to emphasize about any trick of Mnemonics or going to ask you to do affirmation or not going to ask you to visualise a positive things, or to keep positive attitude or approach. Here I want reality, real experiences. I want that you should follow scientifically my views about the learning. I want to make learning meaningful, interesting and to the reach of everyone.




What is the  real reason you don’t learn?

if you understand the base behind the learning, the results will be better. Growth rate will be faster. life will be more meaningful. If you have any experiences of failurity it’s a great! Nothing to worry. On the contrary if you could analyse the mistakes, there is a great scope of improvement.

ultimately all we do follow the same method of learning. Only names are given different new ideas are initiated, I am discussing the basic way of learning. Yes, learning, relearning and unlearning all are the parts of Learning.


Let my natural tendency of learning, its understanding for last 43 years, my teaching and learning experiences for last 22 years at undergraduate level and for 12 years at post graduate level, work with college players for about 16 years, my experiences during coaching, counseling, consultancy, mentoring, interactions with the parents of students, observations of surrounding, let they come for you use. Only knowing, wishing, feeling has no importance. Actual doing is important rather than your tendency. Actually your work and the potential that you are applying to do the work will lead you to a grand success.