Life skills

Life is beautiful. It is not a mere time duration from birth to death . I am of the view that growth is life. If one wants powerful sustainable growth then their is a need to pay attention on health of vital organ of the body called Brain. Understanding of brain and its functionality will helps us to understand the life. If you want to live to the less you need to understand your brain and its functions. i am not an expert in physiology or neaurology but i am sure about my learnings to use the brain effectively. I consider brain as bio-computer and as we do programming for functioning of computer same is here. my focus is on sixth sense which is very important for overall growth and that is mind. 


Every one wants to focus on the task or tasks but failed to do so due to distractions causing ill growth. So programming and reprogramming is learnable to improve our life. Its is possible to delete the program which we do not want. As they spoil the growth. A particular method to be followed to delete the unwanted and nourish the wanted. Sixth sense is dominating and controlling one. Its functioning can be improves by remaining in present. A skill to remain in present is learnable. Advanced studies one can do by attending camp of VIPASSANA. Let you prosper in your life.