It is reality that government schemes do not reach to the aam aadmi. It is a right of each citizen to avail the suitable schemes which government has prepared aiming good governance till the last person. Currently central government has 5 thousands plus schemes, It is quite impossible and tedious to know and learn each scheme by an individual. In order to know selective schemes I am opening this platform for aam aadmi. by which mere information will help us to provide you the list of schemes. Main purpose here is awareness of government schemes and their avail. 

Sincere Appeal

Right form child to aged person government has schemes. many times an individuals plays different roles like business man, service, artist etc. but because unawareness of support provided by the government aam aadmi suffers through considerable hardship . For the growth of Bharat grow of aam aadmi, support to aam aadmi and work by aam aadmi is very important. We need personal information which is general. In order to provide set of schemes. 

Question you may be with how much will it charge to know the schemes answer is very simple and is buyer centric. My main intension is let you know your right. by learning and knowing the service that i provide if you feel to support my activities then feel free to donate to my enterprises. This enterprises mainly works for services related to rights, learning and consultancy about life skills. I request you kindly support to my activities only if you feel honestly to do so.